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First Australians: Cultural Awareness Challenge 

Since the Commonwealth Government’s Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples in February 2008, Australian workplaces have placed a keener focus on helping to close the employment gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. With abundant evidence that many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to experience acute social and financial disadvantage, leading employers are now working to ensure their workplace environments are adequately prepared to offer fair and inclusive opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

The Workshop: Breaking Barriers, Busting Myths and Building Positive Behaviour

Diversity Consulting has partnered with Aboriginal-owned business, KC Consultancy Services, to produce this full-day ‘Cultural Awareness Challenge: First Australians’. The program has been designed to empower non-Indigenous employees, supervisors and managers with improved knowledge, understanding and skills to work effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The workshop helps participants develop the cross-cultural intelligence and capability to relate to their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues, clients and members of the community with dignity and respect.


The workshop uses a multimedia approach to learning, integrating music, imagery and video with Diversity Consulting’s highly engaging and interactive Diversity Challenge – a tool that has taken learning and development to a new level both locally and globally. This unique training methodology challenges teams through the use of custom-designed scenarios created to confront misconceptions, illuminate facts and build best practice skills to foster inclusion. 


  • Workshop co-facilitated by Indigenous and non-Indigenous presenters
  • Anonymous canvassing of participants’ pre and post workshop attitudes using a real-time audience polling system (clickers)
  • Use of the highly unique and internationally acclaimed Diversity Challenge training tool
  • An audit conducted by participants of current organisational engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues, clients and communities
  • Personal commitments to action plans aimed at building positive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues and clients
  • A take-home manual filled with resources and information links for assistance in ongoing learning

Diversity Consulting’s ‘Cultural Awareness Challenge: First Australians’ is a powerful day of learning and transformation that has been developed, and is continually updated, in consultation with First Australian communities to ensure the highest level of content integrity.

“Already familiar with Diversity Consulting’s unique Challenge training methodology, ADHC Metro North engaged Diversity Consulting in the development of an Aboriginal Cultural Awareness training program for its regional employees. The program has been developed in extensive collaboration and consultation with ADHC Metro North, including the Regional Aboriginal Employee Staff Network, Regional Aboriginal Employment Support Officer and the Regional Learning and Development Team. 

This one day course provides historical and contemporary information/content about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia, their cultures, and the impact of colonisation and government policies and practices. The Aboriginal Cultural Awareness program content draws on the knowledge of Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics, and professionals working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

This training program provides a foundation of knowledge and skills to enable effective and appropriate communication and engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the nation.”

Don Ferguson / Regional Director / NSW Dept of Human Services: Ageing, Disability and Home Care / Metropolitan North, NSW

Participant Testimonials

“This is ground-breaking.”

“Most effective workshop I have been to – thank you.”

“Wonderful – we need more of it in Australian workplaces.”

“The best short course I’ve attended in 15 years.”

“This training really opened my eyes and I hope that I can now help facilitate in the improvement of services we provide to our clients and staff.”

“Topic exceptionally well covered and researched.”

“Totally engaging – the whole day.”

“I would recommend this being a mandatory induction program.”

“Excellent workshop – well presented.  Would not change a thing!  I learnt so much.”

“I thought that the method of presentation was excellent; it allowed for participation and a free exchange of ideas.  …Fantastic – well done.”

“Very powerful.”

2007 Diversity Consulting